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Hewitt for sale?

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Somewhere in my last 100 posts I mentioned that Hewitt was in a fairly weak operational position and might be an aquisition target. I’ll have to admit that I didn’t really believe it, and honestly I still don’t. They are the undisputed leader in HRO at the moment, and their laser-like focus on this market should get them out of any growing pains they have.

However, I should mention that I found this text in Yahoo! finance:

Leder reported that Hewitt Associates (NYSE: HEWNews) filed an 8-K form granting 65,000 restricted shares to four company bigwigs and “change in control” severance agreements to some 24 executives. She notes that, “The agreements are fairly standard…. But they’re probably worth paying attention to, since we’ve all seen this type of pattern — expanding the number of folks covered by change in control agreements — as an almost routine event when a company is prepping itself for a sale.”

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