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Top HRO Deals of 2005

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I might be a bit behind on the news and it’s entirely possible this has been posted elsewhere. However, HRO Today Magazine posted their top 22 HRO deals of 2005 in their January/February issue. Personally I’m positive this is nowhere near a complete list. I’m betting there were at least another 30 HRO deals even if they were under $100M.

What’s interesting about this list (and as HRO Today points out) is that the names on the list are all very recognizable. Then there’s also the $1.1B DuPont deal that’s remarkable, but then again, $1.1B over 13 years isn’t quite the goliath deal when contract length is considered. Anyway, here’s the list:HRO Today’s Top HRO Deals of 2005

As long as I’m at it, Aberdeen also put out a new HRO study called the “HRO Benchmark Report” in January 2006. It might be of interesting reading for any organizations thinking about entering an HRO contract. (registration required)

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2 responses to “Top HRO Deals of 2005”

  1. Romain Avatar

    Hey, right off the press…

    The Conference Board just released the following:

    It’s the Journey That Matters: 2005 Strategic HR Transformation Study Tour

    It is one of the best compendium HRT and HRO case studies I have read in a while. It focuses on firms such as Caterpillar, Scotia Bank and Telus. The quality of the work and the objectivity of the Conference Board is also a nice change from the pseudo studies coming-out from many other sources. Check-it out at:

  2. Double Dubs Avatar
    Double Dubs

    Thanks Romain for pointing me to that site. Unfortunately I don’t have member ship to the Canada Conference Board, but there’s tons of great free stuff out there otherwise.