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Rumors and News in the HR Technology Space

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So I took a brief 3 week pause from writing in December and quite a bit happened.  Here is a brief summary of the news:

  • December 4:  Reuters reported a rumor that Microsoft was looking at a possible acquisition of SAP.  While I find this highly unlikely, and while rumors of this also happened back in 2003, it would be interesting to see what would happen if these two giants came together.  Also interesting would be to see how these two companies would negotiate the use of different technologies, often technologies that Microsoft is patently against.
  • December 31:  Workstream reported an unsolicited offer for a merger.  At first it sounds like ADP, but merger would not quite be right there.  However, Workstream, even though they just got some new money, would benefit greatly from this type of acquisition.  The infusion of money they would get for development purposes would keep them a world class competitor, but if ADP, the leverage a huge salesforce would give them in the marketplace would make them second to none.  I’m a bit torn on this one.  We saw Virtual Edge, a product I like very much, basically disappear from the marketplace after ADP acquired them.  I’m sure their sales are way up, but I just never hear news about them anymore.  So it’s beneficial to the product, but perhaps not for the market if that makes sense.   (Hat tip to Jason Corsello for finding this one)
  • January 2:  Goldman is bearish overall on the HCM market, but specifically points out SuccessFactors, Kenexa and Taleo.  Apparently they don’t like SaaS and think the general HCM market is too competitive.  However it’s phrased, ASP, SaaS or whatever you want to call it is here to stay.  The model of hosting software and providing robust services around it makes a lot of sense for a great variety of organizations.  At the same time, they are probably right about talent vendors.  There are just too many of them out there right now.  Consolidation is happening and will continue to happen.

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  2. announced Workstream had signed an exclusive but non-binding letter of intent to merge with an unnamed “U.S.-based payroll business.” I’m not writing this to speculate who that company might be, because the big guns like Corsello, Kutik andDub Dubshave more insider info on these matters; maybe it’s a payroll business like ADP, or maybe not. But I will say we’ve always wondered

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    Jason Hersh

    Have you ever used or reviewed the different sites for recruiting/bidding sites like Bounty Jobs, Talent Hire, or Recruit Alliance? I was curious your thoughts on the three. It looks like Bounty Jobs has about 1,000 jobs while Talent Hire has 80. I’m not sure about Recruit Alliance, but wanted to get your take on the three or any others out there.