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I ran across this quite interesting and comprehensive e2.0 diagram and thought I’d share.  I like how it’s organized with Actors, Technologies and Methods as part of the engine behind e2.0, but as usual I have a few comments.

I probably would have phrased the Business Drivers differently – perhaps removing it as one of the towers and instead phrasing the business drivers into a e2.0 governance area that carries through the other 3 towers of actors, technologies and methods.  In fact, the actors technologies and methods are always revalidated as the e2.0 function takes place and as business needs change – the tools iteratively adapt.

I’d also would likely have rephrased the Value Add tower.  While I really like all of the elements in it, I think ultimately the value add are a couple of elements not in this tower – namely collaboration and new innovation.  Collaboration is noted in the technologies and methods towers, and I think it’s misplaced, but that’s just my opinion.

All in all, a wonderful visual explanation of e2.0, among the best I’ve seen.

Hat tip to Susan Scrupski

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