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Hewitt BPO leads the industry?

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While Hewitt clearly has the biggest name and the most large clients right now, I’m not so sure if they are the clear leaders as this Hewitt press release indicates.

Let’s face it,

  • Hewitt doesn’t seem to be making a great profit on this stuff yet
  • they are still working out the kinks in their functional processes
  • the Cyborg HRMS acquisition still reamains to be well integrated, but at this point, I’d suggest that Cyborg was a mistake
  • Hewitt can’t implement any new clients due to bandwidth constraints.

In the mean time, you have many organizations starting to focus on the mid market, or they have already been there. The mid market is where the HRO companies are going to make their mark and survive or die. It’s true that Hewitt has done well here, but keep an eye on ADP and Accenture.

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